Google Ad Words + Texting = Potential Greatness

Last week, Google released details on its upcoming communicative addition to Google AdWords, click-to-message ads, that will allow users to contact businesses directly through text messages. By clicking on the ads, a text message window will appear allowing you to directly communicate with businesses to schedule appointclick-to-message-adments, ask questions, or to place an order. Several companies have test-run the new feature giving positive reviews; stating their conversion rates are up to 80% higher from the feature.

What could this feature mean for businesses? As long as they have the ability to manage the new feature in an organized, efficient manner, it can produce smoother customer service experiences as well as higher sales and conversion rates from personal communication. As with every new media feature, not all businesses will benefit from it, and it will be interesting to see which industries will benefit from click-to-message ads over time and which won’t. Prediction: small businesses and service industries will benefit greatly from the added communication route.

Keep an eye out for the feature coming soon!


One thought on “Google Ad Words + Texting = Potential Greatness

  1. I did not read about the newest option for Google Ad Words. The texting ability for consumers to contact a business is a great idea because some consumers do not like to talk on the phone (me) and find texting a safer method of communication. Some of my friends are small business owners and do not want to attached to their phones while they are spending time with family and friends. Would there be hours that a text message will be answered? Should small businesses employ a social media person to text the consumer?

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