Internet of Things: A Marketing Revolution

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to grow exponentially through the year 2020. Intel has projected for there to be 200 billion smart objects by 2020, about 26 smart objects per human. This large anticipated growth has many marketers looking into how to use new IoT objects to communicate and market toward consumers, but the biggest foreseeable advantage these new objects will have is collecting data from the consumers. Marketers will now have the ability to gather a 360-degree view of almost every aspect of a consumer’s life through home and health IoT objects.


Almost everything found in your house, from the alarm clock to the refrigerator, will soon be an IoT object (if they aren’t already) as the list grows every day. In turn, smartphones will become a legitimate remote control to your life (if it isn’t already). These changes will tie detailed consumer behaviors to unique personas easier than ever before; a marketing revolution and a dream come true for marketers. A single, centralized IoT platform will lead to better data, personalization and customer experience.

How do I prepare for the marketing revolution?

The most important way to prepare for the IoT revolution is to become as knowledgeable as possible at analyzing data. All strategies are built around data collection, and the upcoming data collection revolution from IoT objects will add to the importance of being able to analyze data to produce appropriate integrated marketing strategies.


Prepare away!

One thought on “Internet of Things: A Marketing Revolution

  1. The attack on Dyn in mid-October crippled Twitter, Amazon, Spotify and Netflix for several hours. Experts believe the attack, through a bot, was accomplished through hacked IoT devices like security video cameras and digital video recorders. So, with the obvious benefits of to be experienced via the growth of IoT, some cautions are in order. As much as organizations involved with security should be more diligent, individuals also hold responsibility for ensuring their devices are secure. I came across a short, 10-point quiz titled “How secure is your data?” I was thinking “I’m tech savvy enough. I should do just fine.” Oops! Check out the quiz. You might be surprised too!

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