Social Media: A Copycat Landscape

With every new social media platform comes a whole new realm of competition for existing social media empires. Snapchat’s arrival of Snap Stories in 2013 provided a new way for users to communicate and share life experiences. Three-years later in August of this year, Instagram came through with a very similar feature tscreenshot-121o that of Snap stories called Instagram stories.

Periscope, a live video streaming app, was introduced last year. In
April, Facebook introduced its Live feature. Recently, Facebook also released news that they were adding mask capabilities onto their Live feature similar to that of Snapchat’s. Twitter also showed Instagram envy recently, changing its star-shaped “Favorite” button to a heart-shaped “like” button, like Instagram’s. See the pattern?

It’s a copycat replication of innovation across social media platforms, and it has future implications for marketers. In the past year alone, live video has emerged as the hottest marketing tool to incorporate into communication strategies, starting with Snapchat, and ending, thus far, with Facebook Live. We can only anticipate for the pattern to continue, and expect popular new features produced on new or current platforms to be replicated across the rest.

Stay prepared!


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