Hashtags Come in Many Forms

Hashtags have become vital pieces to marketing campaigns and materials on social media. Originally born on Twitter, the hashtag has appeared across several social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Now that they are utilized on several platforms, do they function in the exact same way across all platforms? The answer is no. Each platform is designed in different ways, meaning hashtags should be strategically used per each individual platform.


Most people’s Facebook posts and accounts are private, meaning that even if individuals use the hashtag, they aren’t searchable. Because of this, marketers do not use hashtags on Facebook to develop conversations as much on Twitter. It is used more for search-ability of their campaign, product or brand by users.


The original home of hashtags, hashtags are primarily used for developing conversations on Twitter. Anything tweeted with a certain hashtag will be displayed on one feed that people can access by searching the hashtag specifically. This platform uses hashtags to generate engagement and develop conversations among users.


Instagram now has capabilities like Twitter. Any posts from a public account with a certain hashtag will appear in a stream of the hashtag. However, one major difference for Instagram is that users tend to use hashtags as a search function as well, using adjectives, locations and services or products in hashtags to pinpoint what they desire.

With this information, marketers can begin to think of strategic ways to market their campaign and products using hashtags correctly across platforms.

Happy marketing!


2 thoughts on “Hashtags Come in Many Forms

  1. Hashtags have become one of the most iconic pieces of social media communication. They are so pervasive that people have started to use them in non-searchable contexts like in text messages, written words, and even in speech. In addition to the differences you noted about hashtags on each channel, marketers need to use the appropriate number of hashtags. Comparing a post on Twitter to one on Instagram, it’s apparent that it is much more acceptable to use more hashtags on the latter.


  2. That was a very informative post. Thank you! Hashtags have become a critical component of social media marketing. We often talk about “joining the right conversaion” with regard to our social media engagement strategy. Many companes and organization now have “social listening” teams who are responsible for finding those conversations where thought leaders are sharing insights and engaging. Hashtags are the easiest way to do this – and to gain a following.



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