Not so Scary Small Business SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be a scary, intimidating acronym for small business owners. However, small businesses must optimize their websites for SEO to stay competitive in the evolving digital landscape. Here are a few simple tips for small business owners getting started with SEO.

Register with Google Webmaster Tools

Registering your website with Google Webmaster Tools allows you to test your site for its SEO strength, providing many tests that give insights on what website features could be improved upon.

Mobile Testing204859

Over 50% of digital buyers will purchase using their mobile devices.
Because of this, ensuring your mobile site is efficient and functional is crucial. Google Webmaster allows for mobile testing as well to identify your website’s mobile compatibility level.

Keyword Use

Keywords are the heart of SEO, and they are evolving overtime. Optimize your website’s content with keywords, and incorporate a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page with conversational phrases to accommodate both typed search inquiries and voice command inquiries.

Local Search

Ensuring your business’ address is located across the web is key for small businesses. Google and Yelp are just the beginning of the list addresses should be listed on. The more places your address and business name are recognized the better. Here is a list of the top 20 sites you should consider adding your location to.



2 thoughts on “Not so Scary Small Business SEO

  1. Small Businesses have a bigger dependence on SEO than bigger brands. Thus for small businesses relevant content with descriptive keywords is essential to emerging in search results. It is not about the volume of content but the relevance of the content to the one searching.


  2. Do you think this need to have a presence online and have meaningful results in searches is an advantage or a disadvantage for small businesses? On one hand, smaller businesses often don’t have the budget or personnel to invest in a lot of marketing efforts. However, with the tools available today (like what you mention here and more) even a modest amount of time invested into fostering a web presence can be beneficial.

    Interestingly, an article from 2014 reported that over half of small businesses didn’t even have a website. Most owners sited not having enough time to launch and/or maintain a website as the reason. However, these days even WordPress can give you a presence and Wix and SquareSpace make well-rounded websites easy, even for a novice.


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