Marketers v. Machines: What is the fate of digital marketing?

Since the rise of social media, digital marketing has become a major part of brands’ marketing mixes, causing an explosion of digital marketing agencies worldwide. Although they currently have high popularity, Artificial Intelligence (AI) using machine algorithms are growing equally as fast, creating a competitive alternative. AI is used for customer segmentation, sales forecasting, content generation, ad targeting, even website design. That’s right, completely designs efficient websites on its own.

Many AI capabilities combined create a complete digital marketing suite. Harley-Davidson of NYC had major success with an algorithm-based digital marketing company called Adgorithms, experiencing over 550% increase in daily website visits and accounting for 40% of sales. These results are impressive, but digital marketing agencies produce ridiculously impressive results as well, such as Impakt Marketing’s digital marketing campaign that produced 20,000% ROI for one of their clients (Greeley Harley-Davidson interestingly enough).

What will be the future of digital marketing? How will marketers and machines mesh in the future? Will one dominate over the other in producing the most effective, efficient results?




3 thoughts on “Marketers v. Machines: What is the fate of digital marketing?

  1. Cool graphic and the video you shared about AI actually building websites is amazing. I wasn’t aware of that possibility but I am truly impressed.
    I’ve always had this dream that someday we would be able to simply think our thoughts and they would be captured for us. A few years ago, I was thinking having my thoughts go directly to paper where they could edited easily would be cool — and a huge timesaver. But now, direct to a tablet-like devices is equally conceivable. The inspiration was a scene out of (old 1970s era) movie where an accomplished mystery writer dictates his novels into a tape recorder for his assistant to type up. Tomorrow, who knows, maybe straight from our thoughts directly onto our online blog and the Internet? Hmmm. That would be scary, wouldn’t it?


  2. Wow. The Grid is certainly the wave of the future and digital marketing agencies will need to learn to adapt as web development goes from being a custom product to a commodity. It happens in any creative industries. It happened with Stock image libraries and digital images with photography. Sites like 99 design and Crowd Spring compete with traditional design this looks like it will compete with the digital agencies and their content management systems.


  3. This has been one of my favorite blog posts yet. I am just so surprised by this story. I had no idea that there were AI programs out there that were completely designing websites. I just had no clue that such a thing even existed. I don’t think that we will see a point where AI replaces an authentic marketing firm, but in terms of just building random websites and being able to save time by generating generic and basic content, I could see AI being very useful from that time saving standpoint. However, when it comes to creativity, I have to believe that nothing beats good old fashioned imagination, and a team of well-seasoned copywriters.


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